Total resolved conversations (in Team & Productivity tabs)


Total number of conversation segments resolved in the selected date range. Resolving a conversation means that there is at least 1 reply before the conversation has been archived or trashed. 


Note that if the conversation reopens within your set activity window, it will no longer be counted as resolved. Resolution will be attributed to the teammate who last acted on the conversation. 


Team & Productivity Tabs


Calculation Computed by counting all segments that have been marked as resolved, and dividing by the total number of segments to get the average. Resolved segments are always attributed to the teammate who resolved the segment.
  1. Customer sends message to team@ inbox.
  2. Teammate responds requesting more information about their inquiry.
  3. Customer replies 24 hours later.
  4. Teammate sends necessary information and archives the conversation.
  5. Customer does not send another message.
  6. Conversation is counted in Total conversations resolved
  • Archiving a message without a prior response is not considered a resolution, but a reaction.

  • Deleting a message will not count as a resolution.

  • If a teammate sends an outbound message and the customer does not reply within the conversation segment, the total resolved conversation metric will not increase by 1. If a customer does reply and a teammate sends an outbound reply, this will count towards this metric.

  • If multiple teammates work on a conversation, the last teammate who resolves the conversation will be attributed to the resolution.

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