Open conversations (in SLA report)

Term: Open conversations
Meaning Total count of unique conversations not resolved, trashed, or archived.

SLA report




Computed by counting distinct segments which were open at the end of a given time period. Snoozed conversations are included in this count.


Conversation X goes as follow: 

  1. On 04/11, an inbound is received. It stays open.
  2. On 04/12 the conversation is snoozed until 04/13.
  3. On 04/13, a reply is sent, the conversation is archived at 3:00PM but it's unarchived at 4:00PM.
  4. On 04/14 a second inbound is received. There is a resolution (reply + archive) on the same day

On the open conversation graph:

  • 04/11: conversation X counts as open
  • 04/12: conversation X counts as open (even if it's snoozed)
  • 04/13: conversation X counts as open. Even though the conversation was archived at one point, it finished the day as not archived.
  • 04/14: conversation X does not count as open

This metric corresponds as what you see in P2 at the end of a time period. Depending on your configuration it's:

  • Open + Snoozed in P2
  • Unassigned + Assigned + Snoozed in P2
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