How to enable and use the Outreach integration

The Outreach integration in the integrations switcher allows you to display and take actions on your Outreach prospects that match the contacts in Front. If the sender has a matching email in Outreach, the contact details will be displayed in the Outreach integration in Front. The following information will be displayed in the integration:

  • Contact (Emails, Phone Numbers, Address, and LinkedIn Profile)
  • Account (Account and Account prospects)
  • Details (Owner, Stage, Sequences, and Tasks)
  • Recent Activity (Calls and Mailings)

You can change a prospect’s stage, finish their sequences, opt them in/out, and complete their tasks in the integration. There are links back to Outreach to make additional actions.

Like other integrations, you need to be an admin in order to enable the Outreach integration.

Instructions for set-up

Step 1

Go to Settings and select Integrations. Click Outreach, and Enable integration.

Step 2

Click Save to finish enabling the Outreach integration.
 Step 3

Go to the Integration Switcher and Click the Outreach icon.

Step 4

Click Sign In and use your Outreach credentials to sign in. You should be all set!


You can now display contact information from Outreach directly in Front. Front will use the message sender’s email address to display the related prospect from Outreach.

In the top menu you can click Book Meeting and Log Call to go to Outreach to book a meeting/log a call. Mark Finished will finish all the sequences the prospect is currently in. Opt Out will opt the prospect out of future communication. 

There are up to 4 cards that show up in the integration - Contact, Account, Details, and Recent Activity. The Contact card shows a prospect's emails, phone numbers, address, and LinkedIn profile. The Account card links to the prospect's account and any other prospects for that account. The Details card shows the prospect's owner, stage, sequences, and related tasks. The Recent Activity card displays the last 10 mailings and calls related to the prospect. 

In the Details card, you can take three actions: 

  • Change the prospect's stage
  • Mark sequences as finished
  • Complete tasks

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