How to import your email inbox history

When you connect a Gmail account as a team inbox or individual inbox in Front, the most recent 100,000 messages will be imported automatically. For Office 365 channels, 50,000 messages will be imported automatically.

We cannot import the history for Google Groups or accounts from other email providers.

Step 1

Make sure the inbox is a Gmail/Google Apps/Office 365 account. Here's how to add a Gmail account as a team or individual inbox in Front. 

Step 2

Once you add the channel, the import will begin. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the conversation list that says "Importing history".

Step 3

All messages for an individual inbox will import in their current status. This means if a message is unread in Gmail/Office 365, it will appear as unread in Front. All Messages for a team inbox will be auto-archived, so they will appear in the All view.

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  • Cori Morris Hi there, again :-) I have a few more questions regarding importing my history.

    1. Will my canned responses in my Gmail account get imported with the history, if so will it hold the same titles or will I need to rename?

    2. How will it look with all the tags imported? Will all emails be archived? 

    3. If I request to import my history will it import up to the current date or only up to the day that I registered to Front?

    Thank you, again!

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  • Darling Gomez No problem!

    1. We don't currently import canned responses.

    2. We don't currently import tags for individual inboxes. Only team inboxes. Yes, all imported emails will appear in your archives.

    3. We will import all of your history.

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  • Hi there,

    Is it also possible to import a google groups email box?

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  • Ram Hi there, no, this isn't possible.

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  • Cori Morris Can I get somebody to import my emails from 1 frontapp to another? You guys know the API more than I do.

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  • Preston Tighe Hi there,

    We don't currently import conversations from one Front instance to another. If you want to use our API to export your emails from one instance, and re-import them to the new instance, you can do that. However, it looks like you're on our Basic plan, which doesn't provide access to our API. Sorry, I can't be of more help!

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  • Cori Morris Ok then at least discount my plan down to $15 because I would be on a team of 3 paying annually? Seems kind of silly you are bringing up plans in this instance. I literally am just trying to bring my history from 1 account to another. This should be a standard feature. Export and import.

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  • Preston Tighe Could you email us to discuss further?

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  • Cori Morris I already have. Not of my requests seem to work.

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  • Preston Tighe I can't seem to find any recent emails from you. Can you send another one?

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  • I emailed Holi a couple times using this Yahoo email.

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  • Preston Tighe Try

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  • Cori Morris sent

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