How to compose and send a new message


Composing a message in Front is very simple — start by clicking the pencil icon at the top left corner and begin writing your message. 

Front also allows you to compose messages from different communication channels you have linked to Front (e.g. email, text, SMS). You will also be able to choose whether to send a message through your individual inbox or through a team channel. 


Step 1

To compose a new message, click the pencil icon at the top left corner.

Step 2

Type your message in the popup window. If you close it before you send, you'll be prompted to save your draft.

Sending a message

Users will be able to select the channel they send a message from. This means you can choose to send from different types of channels or choose to send from a private or public team inbox. 

Sending from different types of channels

Compose messages via different channels (e.g. email, SMS, Tweet) by toggling to your desired channel to send from. 

Sending from an individual or team inbox

Similar to choosing a designated channel to send from, you can choose whether to send from your individual channel or send from a team channel. 

  • If you choose to send from an individual channel, the message will only be accessible to you unless you have looped in additional teammates or provisioned teammate access to your inbox.  

  • If you choose to send from a team channel, the message will accessible to all teammates who have access to the inbox.

Sending reply in new conversation

If you would like every reply to be sent in a new conversation thread, you have the option to enable this from within your personal preferences. You can find this by searching 'send in new conversation from your settings:


Customizing your message

Text formatting

Click the formatting options icon to show the toolbar. Within the formatting option toolbar you will be able to customize style, create bullet lists, set hyperlinks, link images, insert quoted text and also remove formatting. Emojis

Emojis are supported in the Front composer. You can use the emoji picker to search for the ideal emoji to insert into your email. 

Attach a file

Attach attachments directly from your computer or a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Click the paper clip to attach a file. You will also be able to attach a file by dragging and dropping into the composer.

Canned Responses

All canned responses can be surfaced in the composer. Search for the canned response you're looking for and you can make additional edits to the message before sending it off.  

Set a snooze to follow up

Set a snooze on your email before sending out a message to make sure you are proactively following up with your client if they are not responding. See more on snooze here.

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