How to assign a conversation

You'll typically assign a conversation to the person on your team in charge of replying to that specific inquiry. By assigning all conversations, you can ensure no message goes unreplied to. A conversation can only be assigned to one user at a time.

To assign a conversation to a teammate, click Assign on the conversation toolbar and a dropdown will appear.


Once a conversation is assigned, it goes into that person's Assigned to me inbox.

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  • Hello, does it work on my personal email as well as team's emails. Which would mean that I can share parts of my personal email directly with my team (but not all)?

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  • Moreover, if I archive this email in Gmail, will the person that I assigned this conversation be able to access it?

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  • Jerome Chouraqui Yes, you can assign emails that live in your individual inbox to your teammate's if you wish. You can also @mention them in the comments to give them access to a single conversation.

    If you archive an email in Gmail, but the conversation is assigned to another teammate, then it will not archive in Front.

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  • Hi! Cori Morris

    Is it possible assign a NEW conversation to an agent using rules?

    By example for new conversations, assign it once is created.



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  • Alexander Baquiax Yes, you can use rules to auto-assign conversations.

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  • Cori Morris Thanks

    How can do it? I want to assign once a new conversation is created. I want to point this: only the new conversations. I tried but I didn't success. :(

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  • Alexander Baquiax Here's an example of a rule:


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  • Cori Morris Thanks so much! 

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  • If I'm working in multiple inboxes, how can I more easily view emails assigned to me for each inbox or folder?

    The "assigned to me" filter lumps everything together, & the "open" tab in each inbox shows everyone's open emails instead of just mine.  Using search to filter assignee:me from each inbox seems tedious to do multiple times per day.

    Can we get a "My Open" tab in each inbox that filters only the open emails assigned to me?

    Something like this...

    Unassigned | My Open | Open | ALL

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  • Cori Morris How can I assign all team members to a conversation with only one command?  Like @all
    In case everyone needs to know about a certain topic.

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