How to create and message a contact group


Front's contact groups make it easy to email a group of people at the same time. In order to personalize emails to a group of people, utilize Sequences. You are able to create contact groups using the steps below, or by uploading a .csv of your contacts.


Create a contact group

Step 1

Go into your contacts in Front.

Step 2

There are two ways to create a new contact group.

To create a contact group from a Team: 

Click the + sign next to a Team name on the left.

Then, enter a name for your contact group and click Create group.

To create a group from an individual contact's details:

Click the + sign underneath the contact's name, then select Create a group, and follow the prompts to create a new contact group.

Add a contact to a contact group

You can add a contact to a contact group from your contacts list, or from a conversation.

From your contacts list:

Step 1

Go to your contacts in Front and select a contact.

Step 2

From the contact's details, click the + sign under the contact name to bring up a list of your contact groups. Click a group name to add a contact to that group.


From a conversation:

Step 1

Open a conversation in your inbox, and click the contacts icon on the sidebar to bring up the contact's details.

Step 2

Click the pencil icon at the top right of the contact details to edit this contact.

Step 3

From the Edit contact page, scroll down to Groups and click Add.

Step 4

Select the group you'd like to add your contact to, then click Save.

Message a contact group

Once the contact group is created, you can compose a new message and enter the group name into the To: field of your message.

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  • I need to know if there is a way to fetch custom field of contact from front app...Sorry this question is not related to this thread..could not find a better platform to ask

  • How do we edit a contact group's name?

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  • Allie Huang If you hover over the contact group name on the left pane, click on the three dots. This will give you the option to rename or delete the contact group. After renaming, click "Rename group" to save the changes.

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