Send fewer emails with comments


Most of the time, there’s a lot more going on internally than what the customer sees 🙂

When you need some help from a teammate, you can just @mention them in a comment instead of kicking off a separate email thread or pinging them in Slack. The internal discussion is saved right on the message for future reference, so everyone can see what’s going on.


How it works

Team inboxes

You can @mention anyone on your team to have them chime in on the conversation. Once someone is mentioned, they’ll follow the conversation automatically and see all the comments after that.

💡Tip: type ‘@username’ to notify someone on your team, or use ‘@all’ to mention everyone who has access to that inbox!

Individual inboxes

The nice thing about having your private inbox in Front is being able to collaborate quickly when you need to. If you want to share just that one conversation, just @mention your teammate on it.

They’ll only get access to that message and can chat with you about it in comments, or even reply to it for you. Don’t worry about sharing something by mistake — Front will always prompt you to confirm you want to share the message.

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